About Just Dennis

Ibiza based Dj / Producer /

Nassau beach, Lips Beach club, Hollywood Beach club, Pacha, Guarana, Eden, Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza party cruises , ME Hotel ,Madrigal(IT }. BO KAU and more …

Just Dennis, DJ/Producer, born in Holland lives in Ibiza,with more than 17 years experience and has been able to show his knowledge as a Deejay/Producer in the best musical shows. Names and projects as Dellacrozz, Delacruise,Dennis the Menace,Northern Dutch Syndicate, VB and major Label/studio projects in the late 90’s and beginning of 00’s

Dennis was traveling all over the world and playing in the best clubs and studio’s. When he finally landed on the White Island of Ibiza he fell in love with the energie and magic vibe and diverse people there.

He decided to stay on Ibiza to explore the Ibiza sounds, now he loves Deep House, House, Remixes , bootlegs of 90’s 80’s and lots of vocals… sounds which are now the choices in his sets and productions. So Music with lots of vocals, great synths and amazing beats that will take you to a whole other level and will give you so much energy…He is playing in Ibiza till the winter starts then he will be traveling and playing all over the world with good friends and producers to explore new sounds.. “With his energy, passion and love for music, he is guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor!”